About Us

Staffworxs is one of the fastest growing global providers of IT Staffing Services and Solutions.

We believe that a solution can be developed in multiple technologies, but the selection of the right technology is critical. In addition, we offer Legacy Modernization and Migration services from older platforms and monolithic structures to Distributed environment, either to the Cloud or on-premise Data center.

Through discussion with the clients, we plan and implement strategic initiatives by Redeveloping Legacy applications to evolve with new business requirements or provide alternative Re-hosting solutions that result in faster ROI, economy of time and transformation to the organizations.

Knowledgeable in business as well as technology, STAFFWORXS provides you with a balanced perspective and real-world IT solutions, that fits your unique business needs.

Why Choose Us?


We offer Innovative, Flexible, Cost-effective and business-focused Information Technology solutions with offerings in multiple technologies.

Smart Decision-Making

Enhanced Performance

Improved Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Competitive Advantage